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Psychic Designer

I created my website a few weeks ago (mid December 2017). I had a really tough time deciding what color scheme to select because I LOVE COLOR! So instead of getting blocked by so many choices that I don’t pick anything and I can’t move forward on my website, I decided I will revamp my color scheme every so often so I can play with more colors. For my first selection I chose Dark Purple, Teal, Citron, Tobacco and Slate. It is winter (in North America) although in LA it really seems like a cool summer, so all of these colors have a cool undertone and have a good balance. The Dark Purple and Citron are complimentary colors, the Citron and Teal are analogous colors and Tobacco and Slate are neutrals & accents. I had a nice surprise when I opened my Color Marketing Group’s (CMG) January 2018 Color Alert. They selected colors similar to my Teal, Slate and Citron! So am I: A) Psychic, B) A trend setter, C) Really smart, or D) All of the above? I would have to say D!

When it comes to working with clients who I have good rapport with, I am able to tap into this ability easily and it brings me great satisfaction to pull designs together that they love and it’s fun and effortless. Let's face it, home remodels can be really stressful. If I can make it fun and easy then I have done my job!

If you are reading my blog, thank you! And if you would like to check out CMG’s website, click here.

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