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Blue Beam, I Love You!

I have been taking classes on covering the program Blue Beam (for construction management). This is a fabulous program!!! I love organization and communication (unfortunately, sometimes I am the only one who cares) and this program allows all individuals involved have a peek and/or have the ability to interact and update details regarding the project.

One benefit of using computers is to eliminate the use of paper. A benefit to using Blue Beam is that updates can be made, saved and viewed without the need to print. One might think that the use of paper should be going down then. But, the United States uses more paper now than it ever has. I think humans are so used to having a tangible element to reference they are afraid to depend on technology. Humans have put pencil/pen to paper for thousands of years. We have the ability to draw directly on electronic documents so we can't use that argument anymore.

So it takes a conscious effort to change our habits. As a graphic designer I love paper. The textures, colors, finishes and thicknesses are a part of the aesthetics of the design. This is not what I am talking about. It's the mindless printing we do after every update to make sure there is a hard copy to review with the design team, supervisor, etc. I think it is fabulous that we have this wonderful resource available in the design world to help save paper, time as well as stay organized.

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