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I grew up in a small mid-western town where I spent my time being crafty, explored the outdoors and loved to ride bike everywhere.

Before graduating high school I joined the military with my sights on travel and money for school. Later I found a small interior design school located in Minneapolis and moved to the big city. I got my first civilian job working at a small bead shop. I really enjoyed learning all the materials, the history of various materials and how to use them and also teaching others as well.

Eventually moving to the San Francisco Bay Area I returned to school and graduated with an AAS in Architectural Design/Drafting and BA in Design and Visualization. While applying for drafting jobs I instead landed a job working as a graphic designer. Working in the graphic design world creating designs primarily with Illustrator and Photoshop was fun but I missed the hands on approach to creating art. Luckily, I found a small textile/surface pattern design school where I learned about painting with gouache and creating repeat patterns by hand and in Photoshop.

I found a job where I could work with fabrics, interior design and custom interiors and furniture which eventually lead me to the stone and tile world. I worked with home owners, designers, contractors, fabricators and architects to educate them on the most current materials available and assist them to find and coordinate the appropriate tiles, stone and trim materials for their projects. I have now transitioned to working in marketing. 

Now living in Arizona, I continue to create in a variety of modalities such as drawing, painting, beadwork as well as getting back to my passion for photography as well.

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